S-Cubed Services Summary

Enterprise Risk Management & Safety

  • Police Department
  • Fire Department
  • Policy Development & Implementation
  • Audit Services (includes Office of Institutional Equity)
    • Manages/oversees internal audits 
    • Oversees NMSU EthicsPoint AKA "the hotline"  
    • Provides oversight of effective reporting to office of state auditor 
    • Manages development of approach to enterprise risk management 
  • Environmental Health Safety & Risk Management
    • Serves as the systemwide regulatory compliance arm for environmental, hazardous materials and occupational safety.  Services include:  inspections, reporting, and maintenance of regulatory requirements database  
    • Serves as the entity certified to process and/or manage hazardous waste and provides direct services to departments  
    • Provides safety and environmental protection training in relation to statutory requirements 
    • Processes insurable loss claims and risk exposure survey 
    • Investigates injuries and illness in the workplace   

Facilities and Services

Facilities and Services consists of

  • Project Development and Engineering group that manages both Capital Construction and small projects across the NMSU System.
  • Facilities Operations, which is organized in traditional shops and is responsible for the physical operation and maintenance of NMSU Las Cruces I&G buildings.
    • Aggie Recycling
    • Custodial
    • Facilities Maintenance
    • Grounds and Vehicle Mechanics
    • Mechanical and Electrical

Oversight of the business operations is provided by

  • Facilities Administration unit, the Sustainability and Environmental Policy Manager makes sure that sustainable practices are incorporated into all of our activities.
  • University Architect oversees campus planning and the NMSU Master Plan.
  • NMSU Fire Department is a full-service fire department that provides fire suppression, emergency medical services, hazardous material response, and technical rescue response as well as medical standbys for all athletic games, special events, and concerts.

Finance and Business Services

  • Pending updated information

Human Resource Services  

  • Employee & Labor Relations  
    • Provides performance evaluation management and continuous process improvement/goal alignment (for standardization, consistency, and effectiveness) 
    • Provides support to supervisors and employees regarding workplace concerns 
    • Addresses employee relations issues/conflict 
  • Center for Learning and Professional Development  
    • Provides education and training to develop NMSU system employees skills needed to perform, motivate, and enhance agility for success 
  • Hiring and Compensation 
    • Manage processes for timely and effective recruitment and hiring   
    • Processes requests for new positions and completing reclassifications to support departments in identification of and retaining highly skilled employees  
    • Perform compensation reviews 
  • Benefits  
    • Provides a central service center to serve as an effective systemwide resource and triage HR related matters for timely resolution 
    • Communicates available benefits and services to the NMSU community  

Information & Communication Technologies

  • Enterprise applications 
  • Networking, wireless and telephone interconnect with all Extension office and science centers – vpn access (tunnels), telephone – DACC independent telephone  
  • Help desk and customer services 
  • System and data base support 
  • Student Tech and Planning
  • Identity Management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Information Security
  • 300K in fiber on Las Cruces campus 

Marketing & Communications 

  • Increase awareness of NMSU and its mission, core values, campus culture and academic programming across NM, the bordering states, and Mexico. 
  • Develop NMSU’s institutional reputation among students, parents and employers – as well as among members of the state legislature, private sector, and research partners – as a university that delivers a supportive, hands-on learning experience in which students will receive the mentorship and experience needed to prepare them for post-college success. 
  • Support the efforts of University Advancement/Foundation, Alumni, Office of Strategic Initiatives, and offices tasked with external affairs to drive enthusiasm for and engagement with NMSU among alumni, state and community leaders, and potential non-alumni donors. 
  • Support the efforts of University Admissions and Student Success to recruit and retain students with an emphasis on focus areas as outlined in the NMSU LEADS 2025 strategic plan.  

Strategic System Administration

  • Plan, coordinate and implement improvements to administrative processes, procedures and systems through system-oriented projects. 
  • Provide project management and organizational development expertise.
  • Conduct systemwide comprehensive review and gap analysis of policies and procedures in collaboration with stakeholders. 
  • Evaluate and communicate results of data to assist in meeting strategic goals.   
  • Collaborates in converting forms and manual processes to electronic workflow systems and record keeping to enhance use of existing applications/systems. 
  • Manages university COVID-19 response and communication.

Associate Vice Chancellor External Relations

  • Branch campuses provide higher education opportunities to support the unique needs of each community.  
  • Serves as entry point for a traditional student to provide access to obtain an associate's degree, and/or leading to a bachelor's degree. 
  • Provides workforce ready skills through certification 
  • Provides individuals opportunities to expand their knowledge through non-academic course work 
  • Career Technology Education (CTE) training provides workforce credentials. 
  • Manage and collaborate to leverage and integrate assets across the system 
  • Support community and economic development, as well as extension and outreach programs in branch campus communities 
  • Leverage main campus and branch campus business practices to identify efficiencies 

University General Counsel  

  • Works with outside counsel to assist in defending against litigation action 
  • Reviews a broad array of contractual documents for compliance, legal sufficiency and maximization/protection of institutional interests 
  • Provides legal advice to the university for matters including, without limitation: executive administration proposals for institutional changes; (along with technical/administrative support) incoming inspection of public record requests; legislative proposal interpretation and analysis; real estate transactions proposed by or to the Board of Regents; personnel and labor relations matters; any investigation or other action presented by State Risk Management;(along with technical editing) policy proposals; and working board or committee issues presented to CARE, CART, Emergency Preparedness and Response, Loss Prevention/Loss Control, Compliance Training, etc. 
  • Reviews and processes protection requests/applications for intellectual property 
  • Facilitates appropriate responses to subpoenas, tort claims, applicable administrative agency claims and lawsuits filed in various courts and dispute resolution 
  • Review and draft policies